Meet Georgie Stone

2016 GLOBE GLBTI Person of the Year

2017 Young Voltaire Award

2017 Young People’s Human Rights Medal

2018 Victorian Young Australian of the Year

2019 Australian LGBTI Hero of the Year 

Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service Ambassador

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Georgie Stone is a transgender girl from Melbourne, Victoria. She is an advocate for trans and gender diverse children and youth as well as a full time student currently completing her VCE studies. Georgie’s visibility along with sharing her experiences and insights has shone a light on the challenges facing gender diverse children and adolescents in Australia. She has been able to articulate the child’s perspective in a way that has created understanding and acceptance. Georgie and her twin brother Harry were born in 2000, but from a very young age Georgie expressed clearly that she was a girl. She began seeing specialist doctors at the RCH, Melbourne at the age of seven after she became very distressed about her gender identity. By the age of eight she began a social transition. Georgie experienced bullying and an unsupportive school environment.  She was placed in unsafe situations where her parents were unable to protect her, so they decided to move to a more supportive school. Georgie was then able to use the female only spaces and wear the girl’s uniform with support from her school.

Re: Jamie

In 2011 Georgie’s parents applied to the Family Court of Australia seeking permission for Georgie to begin puberty blocking medication. This case, re: Jamie became the basis of the 2013 landmark decision in the family’s appeal before the Full Bench of the Family Court to remove the court’s jurisdiction from the medical treatment of transgender children. The appeal was partially successful, removing the requirement for court orders to access Stage 1 treatment (puberty blockers) but court involvement was deemed necessary for Stage 2 (cross sex hormones/gender affirming hormones). This partial victory changed the way doctors were able to treat transgender children in Australia. Georgie was part of the 2014 Four Corner’s program ‘Being Me’ which looked at the court process for trans kids and the harm it was causing. Georgie and her mother appeared disguised due to Family Court restrictions around identifying those involved in court proceedings.

In 2015 Georgie and her family returned to court to access Stage 2 treatment. Georgie was deemed competent to make her own medical decisions and began treatment immediately. She also secured permission to publicly identify herself in whatever manner she deemed appropriate. This was the beginning of her public advocacy. Since then Georgie has been a visible and passionate advocate for the removal of the Family Court from the medical decisions of trans teens. In 2016 she spoke at a gathering  of the Parliamentary Friends of LGBTI Australians in Parliament House, Canberra about the effects the court process had on her. Later that year Australian Story broadcast ‘About a Girl’ which followed Georgie’s experiences through childhood and the Family Court. It refocused the discussion about the rights of transgender children in this country and the challenges they face.

Georgie returned to Canberra in 2017 to deliver her petition to the Attorney General George Brandis, Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus and the leader of the Greens Richard Di Natale asking for legislative reform in accessing Stage 2 treatment in Australia. She has been a visible and vocal supporter of the Safe Schools Program, the Justice Connect Stage 2 Access program and the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service to name only a few of the programs and initiatives she has supported. Georgie currently serves on the Victorian Government LGBTI Education Advisory Panel. She was a judge in the 2017 GLOBE Community Awards and is the offical Ambassador of the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service.

Georgie though is much more than a trans trailblazer. She’s an ordinary girl who loves music, movies and friendships. She has a love of theatre and acting and attends drama classes at 16th Street Actors Studio. She is a feminist and a writer. Her passions are singing/songwriting, playing guitar and piano. Georgie enjoys travelling and learning from other cultures. She is a die hard Harry Potter fan and would much prefer going to Hogwarts than a Muggle school any day. She is devoted to her family including Lottie, the Love Puppy and Joy, the Ironically Named Cat. Georgie is a Year 12 student at Elwood College, Melbourne where she is School Captain. At this stage she would like to be a journalist and broadcaster when she leaves university.

Awards and Scholarships.


  • GLBTI Person of the Year.  Presented by GLOBE
  • Long Tan Youth Leadership Award.  Presented by the Australian Defence Force
  • Making a Difference Award.  Presented by the Anti-Defamation Commission
  • Kwong Lee Dow Youth Scholars Program.  Presented by the University of Melbourne


  • Young Voltaire Award.  Presented by Liberty Victoria
  • 2017 Young People’s Human Rights Medal
  • 2018 Finalist Hero of the Year Australian LGBTI Awards
  • 2018 Victorian Young Australian of the Year